Girl bitten by foot-long rat

A young girl from Herefordshire was bitten by a foot-long rat, whilst she was sleeping.

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Foot-long-rat attacks girl as she sleeps

The wounds are now healing after the attack which at the time left her covered in blood

A seven-year-old girl from Herefordshire woke up to find she was being bitten by a rat.

Francesca Williams started screaming in the middle of the night, prompting her parents to come in to her room.

They initially thought she was having a bad dream, until they saw she was covered in blood.

The family pet dog killed the rat in Francesca's bedroom

Her parents, Darren and Wendy say they were shocked.

"She said she had been attacked by a brown animal, and as many parent would, we thought it was a nightmare, until Darren spotted blood on her face.

"It was quite scary really, to think that could happen in the middle of the night."


The foot-long wild rat that attacked Francesca as she slept

"Some people can't believe it happened – we can't in some ways. It's an outdoor animal, to come and do that to a child, It seems a bit strange."


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