Philpott house cleared

The former Philpott family home on Victory Road in Derby is being cleared, ahead of it being demolished. Its former tenants, Mick and Mairead Philpott, were jailed for the manslaughter of their six children in a fire there, last year.

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Mairead tells jury she was 'upset' with Mick Philpott's affair with Lisa Willis

Mairead Philpott in court Credit: Priscilla Coleman/ITV News Central

Mairead Philpott tells a jury that 10 minutes after her daughter Jade was born, Mick Philpott proposed to her.

Mairead Philpott added that she became pregnant with her first child, Duwayne, when she was 16 years old. She also said that after Duwayne was born, she got into a relationship with a man who was abusive and who once cut off all her hair.

Mairead Philpott said that when Mick Philpott told her he'd been having an affair with Lisa Willis, she was 'upset & hurt.' She also told the court that when Mick asked her for a divorce, and told her that he 'preferred' Lisa, she never thought about leaving him because she loved him.

Mairead Philpott also told a jury that when Lisa Willis left the family home with her five children in February 2012, her own six children were distraught and heart-broken. She told the jury they often went to bed crying, had nightmares, and some even wet their beds.

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