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  1. Emma Jesson

Some of your tips for safer driving in the snow and ice.

With the current snow drift and ice risk, making unnecessary car journeys is not advised at present. If however you have no option, many websites offer guidance on safer driving in the snow and ice.

Here are some of your tips:

"Manual gearbox cars always drive in as higher gear as possible. Engage 2nd gear as soon as possible! Auto drivers good luck!" - Chris Leech

"Imagine steering wheel & pedals made of eggs, look far ahead, use gears to slow down, v easy on accelerator!" - Mark Breeze

"Emergency kit, shovel,clothing,blankets,food, mobile phone,let people no your route.Always think the worse then your covered - Lee Whittaker

"Diesel cars are the best in snow and ice, use the engine's in gear torque for movement and hardly use the throttle" - Chris Richmond

"Drive slowly. Don't be rushed by aggressive 4x4s. Avoid sharp braking/ excessive throttle.Anticipate morons on road going fast" - Terry Lloyd

"Winter tyres! More effective below 7C than summer ones in snow or not. Dont rev if you can't move off, will make things worse" - @sordopinchadisc

"Keep up a steady speed. Highest gear possible and be confident - steer away in skids" - Fraser Dyer

"Be smooth, use gears in favour of brakes, avoid 1st, allow extra stopping distance or hire me to drive" - John Turner

"Low gear, high revs, and lots of luck" - Neil Stacey

"Easy on acclerating, steering and braking. Do it all gently and slowly!" - Phil Jordan

"In an emergency use handbrake but very slowly" - Lee Avery

"Try snow chains on your wheels. You can also get for shoes when walking in snow + ice" - Helen Fowler

"Put winter tyres on for the season. A great help in the snow, in rain and under 7c. Worth considering for next winter" - Steve Sowerbutts

"Don't stay in low gears or use excessive revs as you lose traction. And be smooth with the controls, don't over react" - Mark Williams

"Keep it in as higher gear as possible with no aggressive accelerating or braking and leaving a larger gap to the car in front" - Dean Alldis

"Never brakes, just careful use of gears and throttle" - Paul Pears

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