Philpott house cleared

The former Philpott family home on Victory Road in Derby is being cleared, ahead of it being demolished. Its former tenants, Mick and Mairead Philpott, were jailed for the manslaughter of their six children in a fire there, last year.

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  1. Michael Sibert

Paul Mosley's representative begins summing up defences' case

A jury at Nottingham Crown Court has heard Ben Nolan, representing Paul Mosley, sum up the defences' case.

Mr Nolan began teling the court the case against Mr Mosley was 'flimsy' and 'far from compelling'.

If Mr Orchard is right this must be the work of a maniac arsonist. There are such people about... There are some very nasty people in this world.

– Referring to Anthony Orchard, representing Mick Philpott, Mr Nolan told the jury

The jury also heard how Paul Mosley had volunteered information to the police regarding his sexual relationship with Mairead Philpott but wanted it kept off the record so his wife didn't find out.

Ben Nolan urged the jury to remember: "You're an English jury in an English court, not a sharia court in Saudi Arabia... This is a court of law, not a court of morals."

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