Philpott house cleared

The former Philpott family home on Victory Road in Derby is being cleared, ahead of it being demolished. Its former tenants, Mick and Mairead Philpott, were jailed for the manslaughter of their six children in a fire there, last year.

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Philpott children deaths: Derbyshire fire and rescue

Following the deaths of the six Philpott children in a house fire, Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service are reinforcing the importance of fitting sprinklers in houses.

  • Six children died in Victory Road, Derby in May 2011

  • Four children died in Hulland Ward in 2011

  • Two children died in Buxton in 2010

In addition to 14 other deaths in fires across the county since April 2010.

226 people have died in house fires across the UK in the last year.

Sean Frayne, the Chief Fire Officer at the service says,

"'I am extremely proud of the work of all of the emergency Services at the time of the fire and in particular that of the firefighters who battled to save the lives of the young children....

...."I am convinced that the benefit of domestic sprinkler systems is still not fully realised. When it is, similar incidents in the future, irrespective of how a fire is started, will have a far different outcome."

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