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'Iron Lady' memorabilia surrounds funeral viewers

People of Grantham, Baroness Thatcher's hometown, are gathering in the museum to watch the funeral and pay their respects to the 'Iron Lady' today.

Those paying their last respects will be surrounded by memorabilia donated by the former Prime Minister herself.

'To Grantham Museum' a signed copy of Margaret Thatcher's The Downing Street Years Credit: Grantham Museum

Items donated include a signed copy of her book 'Margaret Thatcher, The Downing Years', a blue suit-dress worn in the eighties and also a pair of blue high heeled shoes.

A fitting colour for Lady Thatcher, she donated these shoes after wearing them in 1985 Credit: Grantham Museum

Helen Goral Chairman of Grantham Museum said it is fitting for people to view the funeral from Grantham:

"As the museum is in her home town we think it is a fitting tribute for people to view the funeral from here. Local members of the community and further afield can come here to pay their respects."

Lady in blue, a suit donated by the former Prime Minister to the museum is on display Credit: Grantham Museum

The Chairman added: "The museum doors will open at 9.00 am today so people can pay tribute and support the museum in doing so."

Helen Goral says they are expecting considerable numbers if the condolence book is anything to go by which they estimate received around 1,500 messages of condolence.

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