MPs clash over controversial welfare reforms

The Labour MP for Erdington, Jack Dromey has clashed with the South Derbyshire Conservative MP Heather Wheeler over the Coalition Government's controversial welfare reforms.

Debating the changes, Mr Dromey said to so-called 'bedroom tax' will only push people into the private renting sector and so the higher rents would mean higher housing benefit bills. Mrs Wheeler, though claims the Conservatives are 'finishing' what Labour started with the local housing allowance.

Liberal Democrat MP Lorely Burt (Solihull) said it is 'hard' to live on £71 per week but added that it is a good that the benefits bill is being 'looked at', 'we do need to do that because it rose by nearly half under the last Labour government' she said.

The reforms, including the spare room subsidy - which has been dubbed "the bedroom tax" by Labour - came into force this month.

The full discussion will be broadcast on ITV's "The Lobby" at 11:40pm tonight,