Council doubles number of top earners

The Tax Payers' Alliance has published a Town Hall Rich List, detailing which councils have the highest earners.

The report claims Birmingham City Council has doubled the number of staff who earn more than £100,000 per year in 2011-12. This increase from 12 to 24 is the biggest of any local authority.

Birmingham City Council is one of the councils hardest hit by the Government cuts and has announced 102 million pounds worth of savings. They have issued a statement.

“The figure includes eight schools staff in an organisation which employees over 40,000. Pay packages can include redundancy payments, therefore figures being reported do not always relate to basic pay."

“One-off redundancy payments continue to be anticipated in the coming years, as the council reduces its staffing levels as part of the effort to make savings required as part of reduced funding due to government cuts.”

– Birmingham City Council spokesperson