'Bedroom tax' suicide

The family of a woman from Solihull who blamed the Government for her death in a suicide note said she was struggling to cope with paying the so-called bedroom tax, the Sunday People has reported.

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Samaritans' advice on suicidal feelings

The Samaritans say:

Sometimes people get to a point where they feel they can’t cope, where it all gets too much to handle. It’s worse if people feel they are alone and can’t talk to anyone about what’s weighing on them.

Some things to look out for in others are:

Being irritable or nervous

A change in routine, like eating less or sleeping

Drinking, smoking or using more drugs than normal

Being more clumsy or accident prone

Becoming withdrawn

Losing interest in appearance or personal hygiene

Implying they would like to discuss something of importance.

Putting themselves down in a serious or jokey way, for example 'Oh, no one loves me', or 'I'm a waste of space' "

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