Claire Lomas to finish challenge at the London eye

Claire Lomas is hoping to complete her charity bike ride today, by finishing the last leg of her journey at the London Eye.

She has cycled over 400 miles from Nottingham to the capital.


Today is day 22 I finish #clairescycle Bisit to Chelsea Academy followed by cycle ride! Finish 12.15 at the eye. pls text legs60£5 to 70070


Last day of #clairescycle and it has been tough. Now on £73,000 pls donate and help me reach £100,000 . Finish 12.15!

Her journey began three weeks ago today.


Claire Lomas' cycling challenge

A paraplegic woman from Leicestershire who last year completed the London Marathon in a robotic suit has almost finished her 400 mile bike ride from Nottingham to London using a hand-cycle.