'Bedroom tax' suicide

The family of a woman from Solihull who blamed the Government for her death in a suicide note said she was struggling to cope with paying the so-called bedroom tax, the Sunday People has reported.

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Controversial 'bedroom tax' debate reignited after suicide

The son of a woman from Solihull who killed herself, leaving a note blaming the government for her death, has urged David Cameron to re-think the so-called bedroom tax.

Stephanie Bottrill said she was worried about how she would afford the £20 extra a week for the two spare bedrooms in her council house, money she owed because of the government's spare room subsidy.

Her son Steven said he now hoped someone would listen and make changes to the policy.

Solihull council told us Ms Bottrill bid on a number of properties and was offered the choice of two. It added that it had supported her throughout the process.

The bedroom tax or spare room subsidy brought in by the coalition has always been controversial and Mrs Bottrill's death has reignited the debate.

Our political correspondent Alison Mackenzie sent this report from Westminster.

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