Soldiers' families 'can sue MoD'

The Supreme Court has ruled that relatives of three soldiers killed in Iraq can sue the MoD for damages. The families say it failed to provide them sufficient protection after they were killed by roadside bombs while in lightly armoured Land Rovers.

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Family to learn if they have won the right to sue the government over son's death

Eight years ago Susan Smith's son Philip died in Iraq, he was blown up in his snatch Land Rover.

Since then she has fought her own battle, with the Ministry of Defence. She believes they breached his human rights and were negligent by not providing a suitably armoured vehicle to protect him.

The European Convention on Human Rights gives everyone a right to life. But the MoD argues that it should not apply to soldiers in war. Tomorrow the Supreme Court will decide who is right the MoD or Susan. Our correspondent, Mark Gough reports.

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