Zoo tortoises' speed lessons

An extension area to the giant tortoise exhibit at Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire has prompted keepers to develop a new training programme to help bring these slow moving creatures indoors.

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Zoo Keeper Ryan Berry: 'It has been a very slow process'

The new extension area is a great addition to the giant tortoise exhibit. They have much more room to roam outdoors, and the various substrates give our trio of Aldabra tortoises an enriched environment designed to stimulate them day today.

We knew the outdoor extension would prove more challenging for us to bring the tortoises indoors for the evening. They are very slow moving animals, plodding along at less than one mile per hour.

– Zoo Keeper Ryan Berry

It has been a very slow process. We anticipate the training will carry on throughout the summer until our tortoises really get the hang of it but the patience of the team has really paid off so far.

Despite his name, Speedy is always the last one in at the end of the day. We expect this is down to being older and wiser!

– Zoo Keeper Ryan Berry

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