Map shows Leicester's pollution

Results from a new pollution-scanning device shows how polluted Leicester is. A bird's eye image, taken by researchers from the University of Leicester, shows how pollution levels differ across the city.

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Pollution maps 'future' of environmental technology

Results from a new pollution-detecting technology, which has been installed in Leicester city, could help with environmental decisions in the future, scientists said.

The technology uses a "heatmap" to show pollution levels in the area, showing levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) across the city.

Leicester Cathedral in the city of Leicester Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

As part of a project "developing solutions to the national problem" of improving overall air quality, scientists have also used a device to map air quality around the city.

Monitoring visible light, it measures how much is lost at specific wavelengths absorbed by nitrogen dioxide.

The device was previously used as part of the CityScan project, to measure pollution in Leicester, Bologna, and London during the Olympics.

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