Smethwick fire explained

Firefighters are advising recycling plants on how to store rubbish to prevent fires. It comes just two weeks after the biggest fire the West Midlands has ever seen. A Chinese lantern landed on thousands of tonnes of rubbish at a centre in Smethwick.

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Fire warnings issued after damage to Smethwick plant

Vij Randeniya, President of the Chief Fire Officers Association said the fire earlier this month at the Jayplas plant in Smethwick occurred because recycling waste was collected in "one great massive lump."

Scorched trees and destroyed lorry weighing platform Credit: ITV News Central

Today firefighters are appealing for recycling plant waste to be stored safely so that a major fire does not occur again.

Melted plastic bales Credit: ITV News Central

Damage from the recycling plant fire melted lamp posts and destroyed thousands of tonnes of rubbish causing £6 million of damage.

The heat of the fire melted lamp posts across the site Credit: ITV News Central

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