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Police said man was 'believed to be from Shropshire'

A man, believed to be from Shropshire, has died on the Shropshire-Noth Wales border.

Last night emergency services were called to the point where the Rivers Dee and Ceiriog meet where a search was carried out.

The man was found in the water at around 7.50pm and was airlifted to Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

West Mercia Police said the 21-year-old was believed to be from Shropshire

A force spokesperson said:

There have been a number of recent tragedies in Shropshire and neighbouring counties where people have got into difficulties after entering rivers or quarry pools.

Please don't be tempted. These types of water can be highly dangerous with strong under currents, low temperatures which can cause muscle cramps and hidden obstacles beneath the surface.

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