Water use in hot weather

Severn Trent Water says that there isn't an immediate threat of a drought, but has warned customers to use their water carefully.

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Advice for conserving water during hot weather

As the school holidays approach and the spell of hot weather continues, South StaffsWater is reminding customers to take care with their use of water.

The water company says despite the unseasonably cold and wet spring this year, which helped boost waterreserves, the summer always brings increased demand on supplies.

So to keep reservoirs at Blithfield and Chelmarsh at healthy levels, South Staff Water is asking customers to use water wisely by:

  • make sure you have plenty of cold water available for cooling drinks by keeping a bottle in the fridge, rather than running the tap and waiting for the water to go cold enough
  • turnoff the tap while cleaning teeth saves about3.5 litres each time
  • take showers rather than hot bath saves about 45 litres each time
  • use water saving gadgets such as cistern inserts and ShowerSave devices

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