Vets save Doberman

A dog from Nuneaton is lucky to be alive after swallowing golf balls.

Vets were stunned when an X-ray revealed the Doberman had three golf balls in his stomach.

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Vets in Coventry save dog after it ate three golf balls

Azar the Doberman and golf balls Credit: PDSA Coventry PetAid hospital

A dog from Nuneaton was saved by vets after swallowing golf balls which almost killed him.

Louise Powis, the owner of the doberman called, Azar, became concerned when he suddenly lost a weight and became very ill.

Xray of three golf balls swallowed by doberman Credit: PDSA Coventry PetAid hospital

An x-ray showed he had swallowed three golf balls and two of them had moved into his small intestine.

He only survived following surgery at the PDSA hospital in Coventry.

Azar the doberman with his owner Louise Powis Credit: PDSA Coventry PetAid hospital

His owner Louise Powis says she still doesn't know where he found the golf balls but says she's very grateful he has survived his ordeal.

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