Alton Towers rollercoaster reopens after hitch

Alton Towers has reopened its new multi-million pound rollercoaster after reports that a bolt was seen to have fallen from the ride.

A spokeswoman for the Staffordshire theme park said the Smiler was now up and running again after its closure at the weekend, when visitors claim they saw a piece of metal break away from the ride and land near them, leaving a gap in the track on Sunday.

Around 48 people had to be rescued from the ride, which was then closed to allow for technical teams to investigate.

A spokeswoman for Alton Towers said that at no time was any guest at risk and the ride was reopened once the problem had been resolved.


Alton Towers ride reopens

The Alton Towers theme park in Staffordshire has reopened its Smiler ride. The rollercoaster was closed after a bolt was seen to have dropped from the structure.