Nottinghamshire flash flooding

The latest on the wild weather which has caused flash flooding in Nottinghamshire

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  1. Emma Jesson

Why the wild weather? Emma Jesson explains

Why were so many parts of the region hit so badly yesterday?

Nottinghamshire was hit so badly yesterday because it was simply in the line of fire, it was the focus of where the showers were.

The showers ran northwards then re-built from behind. The airflow behind the first lot of showers reinforced the rain to the rear of it and therefore reinvigorated the scattered showers during the latter part of the day.

This is why half of the month's rainfall fell in Nottinghamshire between 5 - 6pm.

Humidity, how much moisture is in the air, heat and convergence are all major factors which contribute to creating storms such as those we have experienced in the last 24 hours.

The land heats quickly and air rises fast, allowing moisture to form clouds.

Convergence at the surface gives the storms a real boost.

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