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  1. Emma Jesson

More showers this evening in the Midlands?

Will it 'bee' showery tonight? Credit: Graham Rainbow

You would expect any daytime showers to start petering out into this evening, but this is not the case tonight. There is a new clump of showers to the SW which will push through during the first part of the night.

So we expect showers for a while - it will be wettest in the north and west of the Midlands - then it should begin to dry out later. It will feel warm and close at 15 or 16c.

Monday afternoon. Credit: ITV Central

Monday starts quite bright. Some misty, low cloud over hills, but sunny breaks across the Central region all the same. The showers start up again later, and will be more generally distributed than they were today.

They could prove sharp at times, and it will be breezy so at least they pass through quickly. The Environment Agency website updates its flood warnings and alerts every 15 minutes if you are concerned about rising river levels in your area. Surface water flooding is handled by local authorities.

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