House fraud barrister jailed

A barrister who was given a council flat and sub-letted it while owning two homes in Nottingham has been jailed for seven months. Nadine Wilson-Ellis, 35, claimed to have no income, savings or property in order to get the maisonette.

Barrister jailed for council house fraud

A barrister who earned £30,000 a year has been jailed for seven months after obtaining a council flat and sub-letting it, whilst owning two homes in Nottingham.

Nadine Wilson-Ellis, 35, claimed she had no income, savings or property in order to get the council maisonette in Bristol.

But the barrister was actually teaching full-time as a lecturer at a higher education college in Nottingham, where she owned two properties.

The mother-of-two was caught by authorities when she applied for a larger council house in 2011 using forged documents.

Bristol City Council discovered she had been illegally sub-letting her maisonette for around £100 a week.

Wilson-Ellis denied offences under the Fraud Act but was later convicted of two charges by a jury at Bristol Crown Court.

"Your behaviour inevitably resulted in a more deserving claimant being denied the accommodation that was offered to you.

"It was a fraud that was calculated, deliberate and planned."

– Judge Richard Longman

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