Police dogs retirement fund

A new fund to help pay for medical treatment for police dogs in the West Midlands after they retire has been launched by police.

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Why do retired police dogs need extra funding?

Retired police dogs don’t just suffer from the ‘normal’ ailments associated with aging, but also the serious wear and tear that comes from years of rigorous training and working, including arthritis, hip & knee injuries, torn ligaments, back & spinal problems.

This has a huge bearing on the decision a handler must make when their dog retires.

Not only do they need to consider the practical side of living with their retired dog, but also the medical requirements & ultimately the financial implications of the ongoing treatment & care of the dog.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking for handlers to have to make this decision - especially if it purely comes down to the financial implications.

The creation of the Retired WM Police Dog Benevolent Fund will help handlers make decisions with the sole aim of ensuring their retiring dog has the most rewarding, comfortable and enjoyable life in retirement.

– Source: Retired WM Police Dog Benevolent Fund

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