Low wages, high unemployment

Figures released today indicate that real wages have decreased in the East Midlands by nearly 6 percent. Further figures have placed Birmingham and Wolverhampton in the top five workless regions in the UK

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B'ham and Wolverhampton top for unemployment

The Office for National Statistics have released figures today which show that Birmingham and Wolverhampton are two of the top five regions for unemployment in 2012.

The top five areas are:

Glasgow - 30.2%

Liverpool - 28.7%

Hull - 27.6%

Birmingham - 27.4%

Wolverhampton - 27.3%

The UK average was 18.1%

Sickness was the main reason given for not working by people aged 16-64.

The percentage of jobless households in Birmingham was 27.4% and in Wolverhampton was 27.3% Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire/Press Association Images

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