Leicester celebrates links to Richard the Third

The city of Leicester is celebrating its historic links to Richard the Third following the discovery of his remains underneath a city-centre car park last year.

Richard III left Leicester by Bow Bridge and his corpse returned by the same route following the Battle of Bosworth Credit: Leicester City Council

Information signs about the monarch's time in the city are being installed at heritage buildings and locations linked to the last Plantagenet king who spent time there before the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485.

Richard the Third's skeleton was recently discovered in a car park in Leicester Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Richard III died at the battle and was buried in the grounds of Greyfriars in Leicester.

Following the discovery of his skeleton last year, archaeologists at the University of Leicester have been carrying out research alongside Cambridge University scientists to find out more about this famous monarch.

King Richard the Third spent his final night in Leicester at the Blue Boar Inn before riding to the Battle of Bosworth Credit: Leicester City Council

Today these researchers have announced that Richard III suffered from a roundworm infection.

They used a powerful microscope to examine soil samples taken from the skeleton's pelvis and skull, as well as from the soil surrounding the grave.

It revealed multiple roundworm eggs in the soil sample taken from the pelvis, where the intestines would have been situated.