Birmingham Balti on curriculum

This month children in Birmingham will be taught how to cook the perfect Balti in schools.

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Baccalaureate help to will 'continue the Balti's legacy'

The Birmingham Balti will become part of the curriculum for school children in the city.

The special lesson plan forms part of the new Birmingham Baccalaureate, aimed at helping children to develop real-world skills.

Andy Munro, chairman of the Birmingham Balti Association, said:

The Balti is something Birmingham is very famous for. When it came about almost 30 years ago, nobody realised this one-pot cooking method would become so iconic.

It was the first bit of fusion cooking over here, a new take on the traditional curry introduced by a Pakistani restaurateur on the Ladypool Road.

The Birmingham Baccalaureate will show students how to make the dish, helping to continue the Balti's legacy through to the next generation.

It's important that schools teach a wide range of skills and, more specifically, skills that will guarantee youngsters jobs in their home city.

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