Pelka case 'was not active'

The Coventry councillor in charge of child protection when Daniel Pelka died has admitted the case was not active and that he knew nothing about the case when he died.

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Child protection leader defends organisations involved in Daniel Pelka case

The councillor in charge of child protection in Coventry at the time of Daniel Pelka's death has defended the activity of the organisations involved, that failed to protect the four-year-old.

Jim O'Boyle wrote in his blog that things could have been "done better", but that "humans do make mistakes".

He wrote:

Let me be clear. Things can always be done better. Lessons can always be learnt. As a local authority, over the near six years that various agencies, including the Council, dealt with Daniel’s family, there are elements where if someone could do a job again they would do it better next time.

There are also things such as record sharing between organisations which might have helped, though it is worth saying this would potentially have meant breaching data protection legislation. Take a look at that guidance if you don’t believe me. Try asking your own GP for your records and the chances are he will charge you!

Professionals probably were too optimistic in believing the explanations of mum yet she must have been pretty convincing considering how the police, health visitors, doctors, paediatricians, social workers and teachers all accepted the benefit of the doubt.

Never forget though, humans do make mistakes and we must understand that too. A central finding of the Serious Case Review was that ‘Daniel’s death could not have been predicted.'

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