Deadline for Al Madinah school

The Al-Madinah free school in Derby must address nine action points set out by the education minister by today or face a funding termination.

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Al-Madinah parents write open letter to education minister

In the letter, the Parents & Friends of Al-Madinah school say:

We are pleased that the local Muslim community have been able under the free schools programme, to open a school which would fulfil the vision of educating and inspiring our children, as we felt there was room for improvement locally.

We are aware that Al-Madinah School had a positive start early on, as evidenced by a DfE report at the end of November 2012. Unfortunately things began to slip midway in the New Year due to leadership capacity.

We are saddened, angered and extremely concerned in the way different organisations both locally and nationally are speaking on behalf of the future of our children. They do not represent our children; we the parents have this right.

We are upset that official documentation has been leaked to the media. Unfortunately a lot of this has been negative and positive elements of the school have not been highlighted.

We request Ofsted and DfE to urgently investigate how the media has received this information before the principal and parents of the school. It would seem that the media get information before the school does.

The Interim principal and members of the governing body of the school have had meetings with parents and addressed questions and concerns in a clear and direct manner with a transparent plan of improvements already underway and the way forward.

They also shared outlined proposals of restructuring the management team and outlined the credentials and experience of the proposed governing team.

We the parents strongly request you give this proposal due and proper consideration.

We also request that if changes are considered to be made by the DfE regarding the leadership team then they would need to reflect the theological views of the majority of the local Muslim community, which maybe different to other cities.

If changes are to be made to the structure of the leadership team, we would appreciate to be consulted before any possible changes are considered as any decision will affect the future of this school and most importantly our children.

From the Parents of Al-Madinah School

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