'Dangerous' cleaning products

Campaign groups are joining together at Birmingham Children’s Hospital today to urge parents to take action to ensure their children are protected from the dangers of accidental poisoning by cleaning products in the home.

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Cleaning products could cause 'chemical burns' to eyes

A lead consultant at Birmingham Children's Hospital's emergency department has warned parents that some cleaning products could cause chemical burns if they were to get into a child's eyes.

Campaign groups are urging people to ensure their children are protected from potentially dangerous chemicals in the home.

The emergency department sees a number of children who have swallowed household cleaning products or got them in their eyes. It is important to recognise that some of these products are toxic.

They can cause chemical burns to the eyes which have to be treated via prolonged and unpleasant washing to flush the chemical out.

If swallowed, some chemicals like these can cause a very upset tummy and, rarely, burns to the mouth, throat and stomach.

As a parent myself, I know only too well how ingenious toddlers can be, in getting into places that they shouldn't, including the kind of places that we think are completely secure.

– Dr Ben Stanhope, lead consultant at Birmingham Children's Hospital

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