'Dangerous' cleaning products

Campaign groups are joining together at Birmingham Children’s Hospital today to urge parents to take action to ensure their children are protected from the dangers of accidental poisoning by cleaning products in the home.

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Cleaning products must be 'out of reach' from children

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents say parents need to ensure cleaning products are kept out of reach from children as child resistant containers will only 'slow down' a child's access to the product.

It doesn't take long for tiny hands to get hold of a household cleaning product if they are not stored safely.

Cleaning products are often stored under the sink or by the toilet, but we want parents to recognise the risk this can pose to their children.

Child resistant containers will simply slow down a child's access to the contents so it is vitally important that parents and carers take simple steps of putting household products out of reach and out of sight in order to prevent unnecessary accidents.

– Sheila Merrill, RoSPA's Public Health Advisor

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