'Dangerous' cleaning products

Campaign groups are joining together at Birmingham Children’s Hospital today to urge parents to take action to ensure their children are protected from the dangers of accidental poisoning by cleaning products in the home.

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Warning from mother after toddler swallowed liquitab

The mother of a toddler who swallowed a liquitab three months ago has thrown her weight behind an awareness campaign warning of the dangers of household cleaning products to children.

Hayden Hodgkinson was 22 months old when he swallowed the washing tablet. He has now fully recovered and healthy.

Hayden Hodgkinson with his mother Roxanne Tomkinson now Credit: ITV News Central

His mother Roxanne Tomkinson spoke to ITV News Central as RoSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) launches a new campaign in Birmingham to urge parents to take extra caution when using and storing cleaning products.

Around 60,000 families across the city are to get notepads with advice on preventing accidental poisonings.

A liquitab, similar to the one Hayden swallowed Credit: ITV News Central

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