Dog owner fined by ancient law

An ancient law has been used possibly for the first time in the UK to ban a Nottingham man from owning a dog for 10 years.

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Officer welcomes £600 fine for dog owner

The top enforcement officer at Nottingham City Council has welcomed the use of a 140-year-old law to prosecute an "irresponsible" dog owner.

Sarwan Gill, aged 52, from Surbiton Court, Mapperley, was prosecuted under the 1871 Dogs Act for what prosecutors labelled "irresponsible ownership" of his bull mastiff-type dog, which was allowed to roam free and attacked two people.

The head of neighbourhood enforcement for community protection at the council, Richard Antcliff, said it was the first prosecution under the act for a very long time - possibly ever - in Nottingham.

This shows that the City will use whatever tools we have at our disposal. Even if those tools are old.

It’s very sad whenever a dog is destroyed, but the owner is the only one to blame.

It was imperative that we stopped the owner and the dog causing any further harm to residents and staff and the fact we’ve been able to ban him from owning another dog was the right thing to do.

We’re hoping that the residents of this area can go back to living their lives in peace.

– Richard Antcliff, Nottingham City Council

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