Mums 'paid' to breastfeed

New mothers in Derbyshire are to be paid to breastfeed as part of a research project examining whether or not uptake rates could improve if women are offered financial rewards.

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Your views on mums being 'paid' to breastfeed

Research by the University of Sheffield is offering shopping vouchers to new mums in Derbyshire as an incentive to get them breastfeeding their babies.

We posted this story on our Facebook page, here are some of the comments:

They don't need vouchers, they need somewhere nice to breastfeed! I've had to breastfeed in some really grotty toilets/places. Not nice!

– Claire Howard from Facebook

I wanted to breast feed from the moment I find [sic] out I was pregnant. I tried and tried but had to stop due to my baby not latching properly and poor milk supply. I already feel bad each day that I couldn't breast feed, no amount of money would suddenly fix the latching and milk supply. How about putting all that money into training more midwives?

– Helen Bashford from Facebook

This is wrong and unfair as there will be some mums who for what reason may not be able to breast feed.

– Kim Fletcher-Poole from Facebook

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