‘Get Moving’ report says wheelchair waiting time is too long

The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign’s ‘Get Moving’ report has revealed that many people with sever muscle-wasting conditions are waiting too long for their wheelchairs.

The key points from the report are:

  • 70% of patients wait more than three months, 30% wait six months, and 15% wait more than a year for a specialist type of wheelchair.
  • Half of NHS patients do not receive full funding for specialised chairs, with families struggling to cover the costs which can amount to thousands.
  • There is a long waiting list for repairs, and more than 30% have to self-fund upkeep of wheelchairs.
  • Patients given unsuitable wheelchairs due to lack of understanding in NHS. Around 30% forced to use unsuitable wheelchairs.
  • ‘Get Moving’ concerned Occupational Therapists do not consider changing needs of individuals.


Wheelchair services campaign

Campaigners from the East Midlands will meet with MPs and NHS leaders in London today, demanding improved wheelchair services.