£200 for reporting drink drivers

Festive revellers across the Midlands are being offered cash rewards of up to £200 in return for reporting drink and drug drivers this Christmas. West Midlands Police and the Central Motorway Police Group have launched the drink drive campaign.

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Police offer £200 to report drink drivers

As West Midlands Police and the Central Motorway Police Group launch a new drink drive campaign, rewarding people £200 for reporting drink drivers, officers are urging people to think before they - or members of their group - consume alcohol.

Every year it is the same story - people seem to think that it is acceptable to have a few with their family or friends and then get behind the wheel.

In some cases they would not dream of drink driving, or taking drugs, at other times of the year but they lose their common sense as Christmas draws near.

So now, via the charity Crimestoppers, we are asking anyone who is aware of people breaking the law to pick up the phone and report selfish individuals who think it’s okay to drink or take drugs and drive.

– Inspector Greg Jennings, West Midlands Police

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