Weather affects Midlanders

People in the Midlands are being affected by the strong winds currently hitting the UK. Popular holiday destinations for Midlanders on the East coast are being particularly affected by the wind, and are at risk of flooding.

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Windy weather presents risk on land, air and water

Travel in the Midlands has been affected by the recent onset of severe winds that have hit the UK, but it is not just the roads that have been affected.

Both the East and West Midlands have been issued with warnings of ice on the roads, as well as winds so strong they have overturned lorries in the last few days.

Whilst a man in Nottingham was killed yesterday by a falling tree, the Met Office are advising people to take care of falling debris.

East Midlands trains have also suspended a number of services this morning and anyone thinking of practising water-sports should take extra caution, whilst those with a canal boat or sailing boat should wear a buoyancy aid at all times.

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