Weather affects Midlanders

People in the Midlands are being affected by the strong winds currently hitting the UK. Popular holiday destinations for Midlanders on the East coast are being particularly affected by the wind, and are at risk of flooding.

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Boston properties visited by community support team

All properties in Boston in Lincolnshire have been visited by a member of a community support team, so occupants’ needs can be assessed.

Lincolnshire Police says properties where nobody was home have been revisited at least once, and the team would continue to work to reassure the community that there is a visible and secure presence in the area.

Throughout this recovery phase, people from all agencies, businesses and charities have been working extremely hard to support the communities in Boston.

Members of the emergency services and uniformed agencies can be very easy to spot but there are others whose sterling efforts may not have been so obvious to the public.

I would particularly like to extend my thanks to the staff at Boston Borough Council, whose support in co-ordinating the recovery, and in helping to bring everything together, has been invaluable.

– Superintendent Phil Vickers

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