Warning over bogus taxi drivers after series of sex attacks

West Midlands Police are raising awareness of fake taxi drivers over the festive period after a number of sexual offences, particularly against lone females.

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Dodgy cabbies involved in dozens of attacks on women

Dodgy cabbies have been responsible for dozens of attacks over the past two years - with their main target being lone female passengers, police revealed today.

In 2011 and 2012, West Midlands Police received 75 reports of offences committed by taxi drivers or people pretending to be taxi drivers.

Public protection sergeant Sarah Little said while the number was relatively small given the number of taxis operating in Birmingham, victims could suffer from the memory of an attack for years afterwards.

She advised booking in advance and always travelling with someone else.

It’s vitally important, especially in the Christmas party season where people are more likely to drink to excess, that return taxi journeys are booked in advance.

The old phrase ‘safety in numbers’ applies as offenders will look for lone females, so stick with friends – and only ever get into licensed taxis.

– Sgt Sarah Little, West Midlands Police

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