Nottingham MP to meet with Gove over 'failing' schools

A Nottingham MP will meet with Education Secretary Michael Gove today to discuss recent Ofsted inspections which placed six city schools in special measures.

Following a series of unannounced visits in November, Ofsted decided the six schools needed help to improve its services, while a seventh was said to have "serious weaknesses".

And this afternoon, Labour MP Graham Allen - who at the time likened Ofsted's decision to a "Friday night alcohol-fuelled inspection binge" - will ask Mr Gove to agree a long-term strategy to improve schools in the city.

Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, will meet Nottingham North MP Graham Allen today Credit: Tim Goode/EMPICS

Mr Allen campaigns for early intervention - helping disadvantaged children from an early age to give them a better chance at school.

Ahead of today's meeting, he said:

I hope to convince the Secretary of State that there are no quick fixes, just long term strategies which we are deploying in Nottingham to ensure that every child is school ready at four years of age and eleven years of age.