Breakthrough in 80-year-old murder mystery

Scientists hope DNA tests can reveal the identity of a man killed 80 years ago.

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Breakthrough in 80-year-old murder mystery

Alfred Rouse, who killed an unknown man Credit: ITV News Central

Scientists and police investigating a murder mystery dating back more than 80 years have made a breakthrough that could finally identify the victim.

Before now, nobody knew the identity of a Northampton man killed by Alfred Rouse.

But Northamptonshire Police and the University of Leicester have uncovered DNA which they hope will reveal his identity.

Slide containing tissue from the car fire victim Credit: University of Leicester

Alfred Rouse was convicted and hanged for killing a man in a car fire in 1930.

It's now known that a man called William Briggs left his home in London to go to a doctor's appointment around the time of the car fire - he was never seen again.

Scientists hope that the results of tests on the preserved tissue can be matched with DNA belonging to descendants of Mr Briggs.

Tests are carried out on the 80-year-old tissue Credit: University of Leicester

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