13 arrested after student protest at Birmingham University

Police have been called in to deal with a student protest, involving at least one hundred people, at Birmingham University.

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Birmingham Uni protest 'a serious public order incident'

Following the arrests of 13 people after a protest at Birmingham University yesterday, Police Superintendent Lee Kendrick has said:

This may well have been billed as a peaceful protest, but it escalated into a serious public order incident - a criminal investigation has been launched and anyone found to have acted unlawfully will be punished.

Following accusations on social media since the event, Superintendent Kendrick went on to deny that Police were 'kettling' demonstrators, saying:

We strongly refute any suggestions of containing or ‘kettling’ a lawful protest. Police were called to the site by the university as a result of demonstrators breaking into buildings, damaging property and assaulting staff. The suspects were detained by police and required to give their details ahead of the pending criminal investigation - any that refused were arrested.

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