Fastest-growing UK Valentine's destination? It's Brum

Planning a romantic weekend? Well, look no further than the Midlands - as Birmingham is the UK's fastest-growing Valentine's destination, according to new figures released today by

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The Top 20 Valentine's destinations for Brits - full list

Birmingham is the fastest-growing UK city for lovers looking for a Valentine's getaway, climbing six places in the Top 20 since last year.

The boost in visitor figures puts the city at number 11 - above Marrakech, Prague and even Venice.

  • London (same)
  • Paris (same)
  • Amsterdam (up one)
  • New York (down one)
  • Edinburgh (same)
  • Dublin (up seven)
  • Rome (down one)
  • Barcelona (same)
  • Manchester (down two)
  • Berlin (same)
  • Birmingham (up six)
  • Dubai (down three)
  • Las Vegas (down one)
  • Venice (up five)
  • Marrakech (new)
  • Cardiff (new)
  • Prague (up one)
  • Istanbul (up two)
  • Liverpool (down five)
  • Glasgow (new)

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