Torvill & Dean wow thousands in Sarajevo with Bolero

Nottingham's Olympic ice skating champions Torvill and Dean are in Sarajevo, where they won gold at the 30 years ago, to relive their Bolero performance.

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Torvill & Dean wow Sarajevo crowds with the Bolero

Nottingham Olympic gold figure skaters during their routine in Sarajevo last night Credit: PA

Nottingham's Torvill and Dean wowed crowds last night as they relived the moment they won Olympic gold, 30 years ago.

The pair from Nottingham created their 1984 Winter Olympics winning Bolero routine Credit: PA

The pair performed their famous Bolero routine in Sarajevo, but not in the original venue, as it was destroyed during the civil war.

The pair performed their routine flawlessly for a delighted audience in the Bosnian capital, resplendent in modernised versions of their famous purple outfits from 1984.

The skaters wowed a 5,000 strong crowd in the Bosnian capital last night Credit: PA

As the routine ended the crowd unanimously rose to their feet in applause, holding aloft cards bearing the perfect mark of '6.0' in recognition of their Olympic achievement.

Torvill & Dean described the opportunity to relive their Olympic gold routine as an 'honour' Credit: PA

Torvill and Dean made history in 1984 when their gold medal success saw them earn full marks from all nine judges, a feat never achieved either before or since, three decades on.

Despite it being 30 years, the pair could still pull off their iconic moves Credit: PA

The duo were invited back to the city by the mayors of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo and the performance also acts as the launch of a campaign to build a permanent ice rink in the city ahead of the 2017 European Youth Winter Olympic Festival.

Torvill & Dean in their routine on St Valentine's Day 1984 in front of a sold-out Olympic Hall Juan Antonio Samaranch Credit: PA

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