School bans cancer bracelets over uniform policy

Parents of children at a school in Rugby have told ITV Central that students wearing bracelets in support of a pupil with cancer are being punished.

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School calls police over student bracelet protest

A school in Rugby that has called police in deal with a student protest over a bracelet policy.

Students at Bilton School in Rugby were told they were not allowed to wear bracelets sold to raise money for a fellow pupil who is suffering from cancer.

The school has issued a statement today saying that a "strike" by students today was largely a "peaceful" event but the police were called in the interests of safety.

The school said: "There was a small minority of students whose actions can only be described as anti-social and potentially dangerous who used this as an opportunity to be disruptive. These students were putting pressure on others not to go back into classrooms and contacted the press. "

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