Burial chamber found in church in Hinckley

A 100-year-old burial chamber has been found in a church in Hinckley.

Burial chamber found in church in Hinckley

The burial chamber is thought to be 100 years old Credit: BPM Media

Workmen tackling a leak in the churchyard of St Mary's Church in Hinckley stumbled upon a burial chamber thought to be 100 years old.

The two Severn Trent workers were tackling the leak beneath a footpath in the graveyard.

The chamber was found under a footpath Credit: BPM Media

Mark Kirk, of the digging team, said:

When we struck it the bricks fell away and we saw water in there, it was full to the top. We dropped our pump in and when I looked in there I saw a skull looking back at me.

The chamber is most likely a family tomb Credit: BPM Media

The church now plans to reseal the chamber and decide whether Leicestershire Police need to be informed.

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