Northampton among top three cities for mobile phone theft

Northampton has been named in the top three cities where people are most likely to have their mobile phone stolen, according to Protect Your Bubble.

Dudley in the West Midlands was found to be the safest place for mobile phone owners with less than 5% of the claims the insurance company received being for theft.

250,000 cases of stolen mobile phones are reported each year Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

People in their early 20s are said to be the most likely victims of mobile phone theft.

There are more than a quarter of a million reported cases of stolen mobile phones every year according to the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit.

Stephen Ebbett, director of Protect Your Bubble, said: "Everyday we cart around hundreds, or even thousands of pounds' worth of high-tech gear, such as smartphones, tablets, cameras and e-readers. This makes many of us prime targets for thieves."