New allegation Savile involved in child death

A convalescent home for children in Wood House Eaves in Leicestershire is one of those that has been investigated over Jimmy Savile abuse claims. Accounts of sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile at NHS hospitals will be published in a series of report.

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Savile report concludes abuse did take place at Leicestershire children's home

A report by the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust has concluded that sexual abuse of children did take place at a children's home in Leicestershire during the 1950s and 1960s, but there is not enough evidence to conclude Jimmy Savile was involved.

An allegation was made by an man who lived at Roecliffe Manor in Woodhouse Eaves near Loughborough, from approximately 1959-1965, when he was between 4 and 9 years old. He told investigators he was abused by a man called "Jimmy".

A trust statement said "it has not been possible to corroborate evidence to conclude that Jimmy Savile was responsible for carrying out any sexual abuse on children at Roecliffe Manor, or that he ever visited Roecliffe Manor."

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