Driver sends £150 for bus repairs after bump 40 years ago

£150 was sent to a councillor for the damaged bus Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire/Press Association Images

A driver who hit a bus more than 40 years ago has anonymously sent £150 to the council in a bid to ease their conscience.

The money was sent to Sutton Coldfield councillor Rob Pocock, but as Birmingham's bus fleet is now owned privately, the money will go to the Lord Mayor's nominated charities.

The letter that accompanied the money read:

Dear Rob, I pranged a corporation bus some time ago. The driver had not noticed, and drove off. I enclose £150 to cover repair.

Councillor Pocock believed the motorist was an older person, as they used the term corporation bus.

That was the common name given to council-owned double-deckers before they were taken over by the West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive in 1969.

The councillor added that the letter was one of the most unusual he had ever opened.

You get everything from anonymous hate mail to family life histories but I’ve never had a wad of cash sent me before!

I was really touched by what the anonymous writer had done. So many people would have just walked away from a bump like this, but this honest and generous resident is an example to us all.