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Here's Des with your weekend weather in the Midlands

It's set to be a mixed weekend for most, here is Des with your weekend weather forecast for the East & West Midlands.

East Midlands: Saturday: Rather cloudy and breezy through the day with outbreaks of rain in places but also some drier spells. Generally mild and feeling warm in any brighter spells.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday: Sunday: mild, windy and rather cloudy but mainly dry. Monday: mostly cloudy with outbreaks of rain, perhaps heavier later, lighter winds. Tuesday: turning colder with sunny spells developing.

West Midlands: Saturday: Saturday will be a largely cloudy and breezy day, with some outbreaks of rain, mainly in the north-west. Between outbreaks of rain there may be some bright spells.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday: Rain slowly travels south-east through Sunday and Monday with brighter, showery conditions following on behind. Sunshine and some wintry showers for Tuesday.

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