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Skiers ditch the Alps for Derbyshire's Peak District

A group of skiers have taken advantage of wintry conditions which transformed one of the Peak District's most famous summits into a winter sports fan's dreamland.

Skiers ditch the Alps for Derbyshire's Peak District Credit: Solent

Mam Tor, near Castleton, stands 1,696 ft high and, during recent snow fall, turned into a black standard ski run, taking five minutes to go down, but more than forty to climb.

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Yellow warnings for snow & ice in large part of region

The Met Office has issued Yellow weather warnings for snow and ice over a large part of the region.

Yellow warnings have been issued for snow and ice Credit: The Met Office

The warnings begin at 6pm this evening, and run until just before midnight tomorrow (Thursday).

The areas covered by the warnings are:

  • Leicestershire
  • Lincolnshire
  • Northamptonshire
  • Nottinghamshire
  • Rutland
  • Warwickshire

A yellow warning is issued in this instance to advise people to 'be aware' that snow and ice is quite likely to appear, although impact is expected to be relatively low.

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